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Library Collection

Included in the collection are books, maps, periodicals, reports, pamphlets, newsletter, theses, microfiches, and secondary sources of information consist of special bibliography, abstracts, in-house databases and CD-ROM. The subject areas include Environmental Science, Fisheries, Forest Ecology, Tissue Culture, Mycorrhyza, Remote Sensing, Biodiversity, Pest Management, Plant Pathogen, Limnology, Aquaculture, Water Quality, Prawn, Fish Diseases and other related fields. A special collection on weed science is also part of the resources.

The library collection consists of 16,000 titles of books and bound journals, 964 serial titles, 2,100 internal reports, and 9,000 reprints/special file on specific subject areas.

There are in-house databases available with more than 9,000 bibliographical data with or without abstract on weeds and other BIOTROP subject areas. Some CD-ROMs are also available.

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Library Service

The library provides its services to BIOTROP staff and the public as well. In addition to the regular library services, it also attends to inquires sent through mail, telephone, fax and other communication means.

Non-BIOTROP scientists, students (both of undergraduate and graduate schools) and other outside users should apply for a membership in order to have access to the library services. The procedure for admission for a membership is as follow:

  1. Fill out the application form available at the circular desk.
  2. Submit 1 (one) recent photograph size 2 x 3 cm
  3. Holding an Idenstity Card
  4. Attend the orientation how to use the library given by the librarian
  5. Pay a membership fee:
  • Rp. 10,000.-/year for scientist, researchers, lectures, and graduate students
  • Rp. 5,000.-/year for undergraduate students
  • Rp. 1,000.-/month for short term user
  • Rp. 20,000.-/fear for consultant/commercial agencies

The membership applicable officially representing their institutions will be admitted free. Official lettter from his/her institutions is required.

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Loan Service

Loan Service is available mainly to BIOTROP staff. However, scientist from other institutions whose library has joined the Interlibrary Loan Sheme for the Biological and Agricultural Libraries are eligible for loan. An Interlibrary Loan slip is available from their respective library, and should be countersigned by their respective librarian.

Photocopy servie is also avilable to both BIOTROP and Non-BIOTROP users.

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Information Retrieval Service

Information retrieval service (manual, computerized and CD-ROM) for bob-library members are:

  • Students (Rp. 5,000.-/topic)
  • Researchers/Scientists (Rp. 10,000.-/topic)
  • Commercial agencies/Consultants (Rp. 20,000.-/topic)

Included in the fee are 5 (five) titles as sample. Additional cost of Rp. 250.- without abstract or Rp. 500.- with abstract per hit will be charged for result with more than 5 (five) hits.

Library members are exempted from the basic searcging fee from database/CD-ROM but additional fee should be paid. Manual searching is at cost. Further information can be obtained from the Librarian.


To disseminate information generated by BIOTROP staff, the Publication Service is in charge of publishing Research Reports, Proceedings of the Symposia, and the Training Course Reports. The List of Publication is available upon request.

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Library Hours

The BIOTROP Library hours are:

Monday to Friday: 08.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 for scientists from other institutions as well as graduate students who have become library members.

Tuesday and Thursday: 08.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 for undergraduate students with closed access system

Any inquires related to Information Resource Unit services shoud be address to e-mail :

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